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End of the day relaxing in a wood-fired sauna

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Aaaahhhh ... A good sauna session, I like it! Moreover with a wood fire, hearing its crackle and observing the flames. Time stops when I'm in my sauna...

Since my adolescence, I take saunas (with electric stove) with my father, in the house of my childhood, always after a running or sport session because we sweat even better and more after the effort. And here, nothing like it after a good day of hiking, running or cycling!

I had never tried a wood sauna before ours, and I must admit that the experience is great. The wood sauna needs a little bit more time because you have to take the time to light your fire and heat it, but it fits perfectly with our concept "Take your time and relax" : just be with your lover and relax, take your time and take care of each other, be both reconnected in the nature, disconnect from the networks or the city, take the time to go out and read a good book, hike in forest, do sports, spend simple moments in the cocoon, around the table, a barbecue or in the sauna... It's stupid, but often, I tell myself that I had a good day when I took the time to breathe and go outside, to let off steam, to prepare a good meal, to take care of myself, to spend simple moments chatting with my family and cuddling them... When all the ingredients are there , my day may not always be perfect but it is never missed or lost!

Here, our sauna is called the "Lulu" sauna, in the name of my youngest daughter because she loves to come and sweat with me. This is often our special moment, only her and I, chatting or listening to soft music (or not) on the bluetooth speaker of the sauna.

To get back to the sauna and how it works, count between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes to heat it up and reach a temperature of 60-70 °, depending on the weather outside and your habit with wood fires. It can go up to 100 ° or more if desired. Unlike electric heating, wood heating therefore requires more time and personal investment. The fire must be monitored and regularly supplied with wood to reach a good temperature. It has to be earned! It's your fire! If you are not careful, the session will take longer. During this time, you can have a drink on the furnished terrace or in the sauna locker room in case of bad weather. Our guests often do it: a good Belgian beer with a small aperitif board!

A typical session consists of 2-3 periods of 10-15 minutes in the sauna, alternated with a return to cold in the meantime. This return to the cold can be done for the more cautious by a return to calm in the locker room for 5-10 minutes, but also consists of a short walk outside in any weather, or by a cold shower outside if you are strong (in this case, be sure to let your body cool down 1 or 2 minutes before the cold shower in order to avoid a sudden great temperature difference for the body). If you are lucky enough to have snow, do not hesitate to experience this fun moment of rolling in it. Enjoy :-D

And after a good sweat and the end of your sauna session, tasting one (or two) delicious Lupulus will be more than deserved!

Maybe one day a Nordic bath will follow. People often like it but it is necessary to study whether in use if it is not too many constraints in terms of maintenance and wood supply... Never forget that the logs of wood are homemade: I cut my trees, split them into logs and then put them away, it's a bit of work! ;-)


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