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Once upon a time there was a plot at the entrance to an agricultural hamlet on which, over time, many elongated thorn trees had grown up, planted by Mr. Spruce, the previous owner, an occasional nurseryman in his free time.

The Cocoon family, new owners having bought the plot ten years ago and living nearby, observed over the years, without reacting, these spruces grow and grow again, like slender plant toothpicks of about twenty meters high. They had become so large and thin that Mr. Cocoon, who was not a lumberjack for a penny, had to take his chainsaw every year in order to cut the 3 or 4 spruces falling under the force of the wind.

What to do with this land? The desire to invest and to start a new project growing itself, Mr. and Mrs. Cocoon decided to finally act and raze this castle of thorns, while keeping a small wood of existing hardwoods and replanting around. But for which project ? For which purpose hoping that it would not be too time-consuming ?

After many thoughts, traveling regularly and liking home exchanging for many years as a mode of holidays, the desire to carry out an unusual project allowing to welcome a few travelers in a quiet place in the middle of nature where they would feel good, as well as making them discover our hamlet, our beautiful forests and our beautiful Ardenne in its entirety and diversity, was essential.

This is how our Ardenne Cocoons were "born": 3 cocoons for our 3 little daughters, allowing them each in the future, if they wish, to take care of their little cozy cocoon, to invite their friends (and perhaps also their first lover when they will be older), to have a good time there time, as well as welcoming our future guests.

Maybe see you soon...

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