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Hikes starting from the "Cocons d'Ardenne" and around Vaux-sur-Sûre

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

No need to go far to see beautiful things! It's not for nothing that we settled here, we love our region and our Ardennes :-D

Our unusual accommodations are located in a peaceful hamlet of 14 houses including 2 farms. The surroundings are rural and forest and there are more cows than inhabitants in the area! We only have 2 cocoons and a wood sauna. A 3rd cocoon may be installed later, but this is not certain because we want to keep the place intimate and private, with a little feeling of exclusivity for our visitors. The goal here is not at all to have a large structure of unusual and heterogeneous accommodations. We want to preserve the place in harmony and privacy.

You are here on the heights, between the great forest of Saint-Hubert and the plateau of Bastogne with its flatter forests. In terms of fauna, you can observe many raptors on the heights. Foxes are also numerous and you may have the chance to observe deers, badgers or wild boars in the forest during a walk. Raccoons are also present but are very discreet and more difficult to observe.

A few trails start directly from the cocoons that you can take to hike in a loop. We have traced some routes on OpenRunner (app to download on your smartphone), which I take regularly for my running or walks with the dog. You can also view the maps directly on the site by typing "Cocons d'Ardenne" to search for the walks.

I give you here their GPX traces if you want to use them with other applications like Komoot or Cirkwi :

Cocons d'Ardenne - 4km - Lavaselle - Magerotte - Château d'eau
Download GPX • 5KB
Cocons d'Ardenne - 6km - Lavaselle - Magerotte - Magery - Houmont
Download GPX • 9KB
Cocons d'Ardenne - 7km - Lavaselle - Magerotte - Château d'eau - Mande-Sainte-Marie
Download GPX • 9KB
Cocons d'Ardenne - 10km - Lavaselle - Chenogne - Houmont - Plateaux et éoliennes
Download GPX • 12KB
Cocons d'Ardenne - 12km - Lavaselle - Magerotte - Forêt de Saint-Hubert
Download GPX • 14KB

From the hamlet of Lavaselle, you can also directly join 2 hiking trails posted by the town of Vaux-sur-Sûre: the trout walk (promenade de la truite - 3.2 km) and the walk of the black tram (promenade du tram noir - 8.2 km) whose hiking maps you can find here, as well as all the municipal walks. They are all very nice, but among these, I give you one that I particularly appreciate, namely the titmouse walk (promenade des mésanges - 8,5km) starting at Hompré and passing through the Etangs de la Strange, where you can stop for a snack or a drink. The food is really good and the outside setting is very pleasant.

GPX route of titmouse walk :

Download GPX • 11KB


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